#FlipTheScript #motorazr40ultra

Witness Kriti #FliptheScript alongside the revolutionary #motorolaRazr40Ultra. This flip phone redefines portability and functionality, boasting the extraordinary World’s Largest 3.6″ External Display. With a blazing-fast 144Hz refresh rate and an impressive 1100nits brightness, it’s a true visual marvel. Its sleek design and pocket-friendly size will impress everyone. This stylish companion seamlessly combines convenience and style. Whether you’re always on the move or seeking a versatile device, the Perfect Pocket Companion delivers it all. Capture every moment with exceptional clarity using the 12MP Main Camera, from epic adventures to hilarious snapshots. Stand out with the slimmest flip and captivate attention with the #motorolaRazr40Ultra. Adapt to your needs, with flexible angles for productivity or entertainment. Interact, capture, and create in exciting new ways. And with its premium leather finish, do it all in impeccable style. Mark your calendars for the sale on July 15th, available on @AmazonInOfficial motorola.in, and leading retail stores at just ₹82,999*(incl.bank offer) . Get ready to embrace pocket-friendly excellence at its finest!

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