Ek Soch Hai Jaagi

Encouraging everyone to come together and preserve nature with simple acts.
Client: Welspun

The film


  • With biodiversity being the 2020 theme for the World Environment Day, the Welspun Group wanted to send out a positive message to people at large about the need to coexist in harmony with the environment.
  • It also wanted to convey its commitment to the environment in every facet of its operations.

The Insight

The pandemic showed how nature recuperated when humans were staying indoors during the lockdown. From peacocks preening on sidewalks to dolphins dancing around the coastlines to brackish waters turning blue to the majestic Himalayas revealing themselves long distance, nature’s miracles had us awestruck.

From this sprung our insight:

The earth and its inhabitants have always been codependent and if we as humans chose wisely, our existence could be mutually sustainable.

The Strategy

The Welspun Group had always looked at sustainable practices that would drive community impact at the grassroot level. We decided to subtly underscore the strong interlinkage between education, empowerment, health and the environment that was a steadfast commitment of the Group while conveying that the earth would heal and so would people through little actions that can have big consequences.

The Idea

“Ek Soch Hai Jaagi, Dharti Ke Liye”

In other words “A thought for the earth”. Composed and sung by renowned musical virtuoso, Kailash Kher, we launched it as a musical ode to the environment, through a film that cast the focus on nature’s abundance, its power to recuperate and showed how at an individual and collective level, one could sustain this healing process towards “building a better tomorrow”- the ethos of Welspun.


The narrative was centred around the theme of nature rekindling our inner child. The lyrics and the melody evoked a sense of nostalgia taking the viewer back to childhood memories spent outdoors in the midst of nature- something that we have given short shrift to, in our busy schedules.

It showed the role that we, on our part, can play in nurturing the environment by our simple actions that can have a cumulative impact on people’s health.

Welspun Group’s initiatives, right from harnessing renewable energy, through wind and solar power to plantation drives to usage of 100% recycled water for its manufacturing plants to women and child empowerment by means of supporting local communities were also weaved in seamlessly and subtly into the narrative.