Reliance Digital urges people to make an ‘Asli Connection’ in latest festive campaign

The campaign, conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, is being rolled out across all digital platforms

With Diwali just around the corner, Reliance Digital has unveiled a bold new campaign “My Asli Connection”. The campaign, conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, nudges people to spend quality time with their loved ones during Diwali rather than spending endless hours binge-watching or being on social media.

Kaushal Nevrekar, EVP & CMO, Reliance Digital says “The brief to the agency was to drive the engagement with consumers and create messaging that is very relatable. Staying true to our brand values, we are in fact telling people to take a pause from their hectic lives and spend quality time with family and loved ones. Festivals and other family occasions are those rare moments and we should all make the most of them.”

According to Sudhir Nair, Founder & CEO, 21N78E Creative Labs, “This was a dream brief. When we started ideating, all of us had that quiet penny dropping moment of realisation. I can speak for myself and am guilty of being subsumed by work and the virtual world; that I have at various moments made myself non-existent emotionally, while being physically present with family. We are hoping the film will make the requisite impact and cue all of us to look inwards.”

Elaborating further, Navin Kansal, Chief Creative Officer, 21N78E Creative Labs said “Easy, instant and unbridled access to entertainment and information can have its own pitfalls. From gaming to social media to binge-watching to chatting, this inadvertent need to get a dopamine fix creates a sense of isolation that is acutely felt by parents and the older generation. The film looks to cast a spotlight on the same and coupled with a lilting music score and a compelling narrative, we are confident that it will resonate with the audiences.”

The campaign is being rolled out initially across all digital platforms.

What’s the Brief? Sudhir Nair, 21N78E Creative Labs

Guest Column: Sudhir Nair, Founder of 21N78E Creative Labs, tells us more about how ideas behind advertising briefs have changed over time

There is a reason why certain things should exist in perpetuity. Specifically, when we talk advertising and how it has evolved or has been cannibalized, whichever way you look at it, it becomes all the more relevant. And this coming from someone like me, who is a digital native and a dinosaur at it – a medium in which everything is meant to be real-time and on-the-go.

That’s where age-old fundamentals make a big difference. A couple of decades ago, when digital was all about blinking banners, all one needed to do was “Adapt”. How much ever depressing it used to sound for most digital folks, there was at least a satisfaction that the messaging was right, because it came from a place of insights and thinking, put in by the “Mainline” teams. I have been part of many brainstorms to discuss ideas for a campaign or pitches in those days. If you ignore the fact that digital was just a check-box, the thinking and the level of discussions used to be fantastic. The best part of these meetings would begin as soon as the big question was asked “What’s the brief…Brief kya hai…??”.

Mostly, the briefs used to be:

  • Clear and articulate with the problem statement identified
  • Followed by a reasonable understanding of the brand

There used to be heated debates around the brief and consumer understanding. Once the brief was agreed upon; everyone would go back to thinking about what would work best. For on-going clients, the output used to be bang-on most of the times. As far as pitches were concerned, it would be something that all of us would believe in; win or lose.

If the brief was unclear for any reason, all hell would break loose; and someone would eventually walk-out before making it clear that the brief has to be revisited. The teams would go back to the drawing board, probe and dig deeper, do market visits, address some of the questions raised and come back with a finer definition of the brief and then the work would start. The brief and the insights used to act as guard rails for all ideas.

Then things changed and with it, to some extent, the definition of advertising. It had become all about:

  • Medium over messaging
  • Output over the outcome
  • Noise over substance
  • Viral over targeted
  • Innovation over intuitiveness
  • Magic over logic
  • Format over finesse
  • Complexity over simplicity and many more

Unfortunately, the medium that ended being at the forefront of this change was digital. I say unfortunately because it was all trial by fire. The medium, though growing rapidly, was considered cheap hence a virgin territory to experiment. Digital consumer versus offline consumer was the yardstick; completely ignoring the fact that it’s the same consumer. Nevertheless, any experiment that clicked would be in vogue for the next few months…until something new was discovered. Money defined the scale and it was measured basis metrics that showed short term gains.

Needless to say, as time progressed a lot of questions started cropping up – from efficiency to efficacy, ROI to ROAS, tangible to intangibles. However, what skipped the debate was the input that leads to the output, i.e. the brief.

The rigour that needed to go into a brief had vanished. The insights that helped craft messaging had taken a backseat. In fact, the whole idea of the brief itself had been reduced to mere tokenism. Something that the agencies and brands have been guilty of. However, in between all of this, some great work has also seen the light. Considering how big the advertising landscape is now, and the given the number of brands, why are the memorable ones so far and few across all mediums? Maybe the answer lies in the brief that leads to creating those memorable pieces of work.

Most importantly, irrespective of the fact that real-time has now become on-time, everything has started getting mapped against the long-term goals. These goals are always an outcome of the same old question that leads to great work being produced. A question that all of us need to ask ourselves and the brands… “What’s the Brief…brief kya hai?”.

SPACES by Welspun celebrates motherhood with #NoOtherLikeMother campaign

“Be it bailing her child out of trouble with the school teacher; celebrating every small achievement; tirelessly looking after her children when they are ill; or the unparalleled support provided at every new juncture of life, a mother is every child’s hero,” the company said.

The film conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, begins with a mother who is sprucing up her son’s room and ensuring that every nook and corner of the room is clean, as the son is asthmatic. Eagerly waiting and excited to see him after 3 years she wonders what the son wants to share with her.

The son arrives with another individual and introduces him as his partner, thereby sharing the news of their engagement to his mother. The son who was bracing himself for a tough reaction, breathes a sigh of relief to see that the mother is upset, not because he is engaged to a boy, but because he did not share this news with her earlier.

The video ends with the mother welcoming the son and his partner and celebrating their engagement with a voice over saying – A mother’s heart is a space that welcomes all.

Speaking about the campaign, Manjari Upadhye, CEO – domestic business, Welspun India said, “SPACES is an innovative, empathetic and inclusive brand that understands what being a mother is truly about. Our innovative products are thoughtfully designed to make their life easier. They are our biggest inspiration because they keep the home fabulous. This campaign is a tribute to their forward-thinking and we are confident it will resonate with mothers and their children alike.”

Navin Kansal, chief creative officer, 21N78E Creative Labs, the agency behind the campaign added, “The dichotomy of a mother’s life today is far more complex than it was in the past. Millennials expect their mothers to be empathetic to their life choices. Yet at the same time while they can be non-conformist, they still seek approval from their mothers.”

The Communications Business Has Been Guilty Of Generalising Ideas Basis Mediums – Sudhir Nair, 21N78E

Your journey started with Grey, which took its route to 21N78E after 15 years of your experience followed by OMG. And yet again, you are back with 21N78E. How was the experience throughout these years and what made you switch back to where you started?

I started my career in 1995. However, my journey in advertising started in 2001. I was fresh out of a dotcom stint, which didn’t last too long. But it was a great learning experience. I have always said this whenever asked, that the first dotcom boom had some fantastic ideas, which were way ahead of their time. The lack of internet penetration in the country then and the premium attached to connectivity buried those ideas. Some of those ideas resurfaced later and succeeded.

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Sudhir Nair moves back to 21N78E

At Omnicom Media Group, Sudhir augmented its digital media capabilities and focused his energies on new business while supporting the specialist units within OMG to become a force to reckon with

After nearly 3 years at Omnicom Media Group, Sudhir Nair has decided to move back to 21N78E Creative Labs, the agency that he started in 2015 after a 15-year stint with Grey Group.

Sudhir joined Omnicom Media Group in April 2016 as the Managing Director, Digital. Simultaneously 21N78E Creative Labs got into an understanding with Omnicom Media Group to partner as a creative agency wherever synergies permitted. As part of the agreement, OMG also extended media support to 21N78E clients. In early 2018, Sudhir was given additional media agnostic responsibilities as the Managing Director of Omnicom Media Group.

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Motorola nudges people to pledge time for joy this Christmas

While phones have enormously enriched our lives, they have also encroached on them, motorola believes it’s all in the balance. As one spends more and more time staying engrossed in their phones, they miss out on spending time with people around them. This Christmas, in an attempt to urge people to maintain a healthy #phonelifebalance, motorola nudged users to go beyond material gifts and shower their loved ones with something they would truly value – the gift of time.

As a part of its festive campaign – #TimeForJoy, Motorola asked users to pledge 60 minutes and share their own #TimeForJoy moment. Participation was made possible through many forums as people were asked to Like, Retweet, Tweet or Comment with what they would like to pledge their 60 minutes to and how they would utilize this #TimeForJoy. For pledging their precious time, motorola sent a lucky few, gifts that would allow them to spend #TimeForJoy with their loved ones, basis their wished shared with us. This included assorted tea bags, board games, yoga mats, dinner & movie vouchers amongst others.

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Omnicom Media Group and 21N78E dial into Motorola Mobility

Motorola Mobility India has awarded its social media and digital creative mandate to Omnicom Media Group post a multi-agency pitch. Omnicom Media Group partnered with 21N78E Creative Labs for the pitch and the business will be managed out of Gurgaon.

Motorola has enjoyed great equity over the years and its comeback into the consumer mindspace has been remarkable. Motorola has always been popular with consumers who are tech inclined, early adopters and who like to experiment; thereby distinct. In the social and digital space, Motorola has stood out for a differentiated approach and have been amongst the buzziest brands and one of the most featured brands on Twitter’s advertising index.

Speaking on the development, Rachna Lather, Head of Marketing, Motorola, said, “Our brand and products are uniquely placed in the consumers’ mindset. An iconic brand with a youthful energy, our brand resonates well with our audiences. We have a good line-up of launches this year, starting with the launch of Moto G6 and Moto E5 families. We were looking for potential partners who could help push the envelope, think strategically and conceptualise campaigns that can break the category code. The OMG and 21N78E pitch was in line with our brand philosophy, realistic and at the same time disruptive.”

Commenting on the win, Sudhir Nair, Managing Director, Omnicom Media Group India, said, “I remember my Motorola handsets from the past, because of the brand’s strong marketing campaigns and positioning. The brand is indexed heavily on the fan following it enjoys, as well as the USPs and features that make it a great product. Needless to say, this win reinforces OmnicomMedia Group’s credentials as a full-service media network.”

Nikhil Shahane, COO, 21N78E, remarked, “As an agency that was set up to bridge the ever-increasing gap between businesses and today’s consumers, Motorola is the perfect brand for us to partner with. We are excited to leverage our creative-tech capabilities as we collaborate on how best to do disruptive work to match the devices that make this a youth brand.”

Navin Kansal, Chief Creative Officer, 21N78E, added here, “We are delighted to say ‘Hello Moto’. It’s an opportunity to create work that stands out in a highly competitive category and move the needle on business. With a slew of launches lined up, it will be our mission to power the batwing to greater heights.”

21N78E appoints Navin Kansal as chief creative officer

Previously, Kansal was working with Indigo Consulting where he served as national creative director.

21N78E has appointed Navin Kansal as chief creative officer. He moves in from Indigo Consulting (the digital wing of Leo Burnett) where he served as national creative director for close to three years. At 21N78E Creative Labs, Kansal will be responsible for all the creative output of the agency and will also be a core member of the management team.

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A win in Bengaluru: 21N78E bags Monocept’s creative mandate

Monocept, has awarded its creative business to 21N78E. The account will be serviced and led by the 21N78E Bengaluru office.

Monocept specialises in solving complex infrastructure, tech and business problems using technology as the gateway. The senior technology leadership comprises of several former Microsoft engineers who are deeply passionate about architecting solid future-ready solutions. Software engineering excellence has always been their USP. As a philosophy, they want to create a niche in the tech world by inspiring and creating more problem solvers.

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