WhatsApp, boon or bane?

WhatsApp has been one of the most transformative technological boons to have ever graced the Indian sub-continent. Right after Jio, that is. It has helped strengthen connections, increase the spread of (mis) information, and has become an invaluable tool not just for people in their personal capacity, but also facilitated commerce.

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From Running His Startup To Now Preparing To Be A Dad Soon, Nikhil Shahane Shares His Story And Dreams For His Company

Nikhil Shahane shares details of his professional journey with us, from working with a FM channel to running his startup now for 4 years now, he has come a long way.

Tell us something about 21n78e and the legs the company operates into?
21N78E Creative Labs is an Ecosystems Communications Solutions Agency. It means that we’re interested in studying the consumer’s communication and media ecosystem and partially understanding the brand ecosystem from product to marketing and thereby suggesting the best ways for brands to connect and find a happy place. So whether or not we recommend and then execute a TVC or a Digital Film or a web experience or just run programmatic ad campaigns depends on what the ecosystems of the brands & consumers merge into.

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Instagram – Facebook of the Future?

If you’re an advertiser, marketer or anyone who has any product/ service to sell, Facebook has become the top digital destination to flog your wares. From global MNCs to small businesses, everyone has tried to use Facebook as a medium to advertise – albeit with varying degrees of success. Oddly enough most such people have also had a love-hate relationship with Facebook. This primarily stems from Facebook’s teenager like erratic behaviour – from enticing brands to use the platform to reprimanding them for spending money on it. And in light of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement “…you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.” There’s an even bigger storm that’s brewing within marketing & social media divisions. And clearly this isn’t good for business, so what gives?

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