Festive quarter will see most categories back in the advertising game, says industry

Sharing perspectives on Pitch Madison Advertising Mid-Year Report, experts said while Digital & TV are leading in the recovery path, IPL and festive season will mark beginning of normalcy for AdEx

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has left most markets with a dent. But with the nation gradually ‘unlocking’ itself and big ticket events like the IPL set to coincide with the festive season, the markets are much hopeful of a revival in the second half of the year.

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Sudhir Nair of 21N78E tells us about the impact of the pandemic on the advertising business.

Sudhir Nair of 21N78E tells us about the impact of the pandemic on the advertising business.


The New Normal ?

Ever since COVID-19 broke out, we have witnessed a massive change in our lifestyle, work included. From helping with household chores, to knowing where the groceries are kept and becoming the MasterChef that one can be. Not to mention the fact that an otherwise ignored Roti-Daal finds its way to Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp loaded with anecdotes.

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Reliance Digital urges people to make an ‘Asli Connection’ in latest festive campaign

The campaign, conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, is being rolled out across all digital platforms

With Diwali just around the corner, Reliance Digital has unveiled a bold new campaign “My Asli Connection”. The campaign, conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, nudges people to spend quality time with their loved ones during Diwali rather than spending endless hours binge-watching or being on social media.

Kaushal Nevrekar, EVP & CMO, Reliance Digital says “The brief to the agency was to drive the engagement with consumers and create messaging that is very relatable. Staying true to our brand values, we are in fact telling people to take a pause from their hectic lives and spend quality time with family and loved ones. Festivals and other family occasions are those rare moments and we should all make the most of them.”

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What’s the Brief? Sudhir Nair, 21N78E Creative Labs

Guest Column: Sudhir Nair, Founder of 21N78E Creative Labs, tells us more about how ideas behind advertising briefs have changed over time

There is a reason why certain things should exist in perpetuity. Specifically, when we talk advertising and how it has evolved or has been cannibalized, whichever way you look at it, it becomes all the more relevant. And this coming from someone like me, who is a digital native and a dinosaur at it – a medium in which everything is meant to be real-time and on-the-go.

That’s where age-old fundamentals make a big difference. A couple of decades ago, when digital was all about blinking banners, all one needed to do was “Adapt”. How much ever depressing it used to sound for most digital folks, there was at least a satisfaction that the messaging was right, because it came from a place of insights and thinking, put in by the “Mainline” teams. I have been part of many brainstorms to discuss ideas for a campaign or pitches in those days. If you ignore the fact that digital was just a check-box, the thinking and the level of discussions used to be fantastic. The best part of these meetings would begin as soon as the big question was asked “What’s the brief…Brief kya hai…??”.

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SPACES by Welspun celebrates motherhood with #NoOtherLikeMother campaign

“Be it bailing her child out of trouble with the school teacher; celebrating every small achievement; tirelessly looking after her children when they are ill; or the unparalleled support provided at every new juncture of life, a mother is every child’s hero,” the company said.

The film conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, begins with a mother who is sprucing up her son’s room and ensuring that every nook and corner of the room is clean, as the son is asthmatic. Eagerly waiting and excited to see him after 3 years she wonders what the son wants to share with her.

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The Communications Business Has Been Guilty Of Generalising Ideas Basis Mediums – Sudhir Nair, 21N78E

Your journey started with Grey, which took its route to 21N78E after 15 years of your experience followed by OMG. And yet again, you are back with 21N78E. How was the experience throughout these years and what made you switch back to where you started?

I started my career in 1995. However, my journey in advertising started in 2001. I was fresh out of a dotcom stint, which didn’t last too long. But it was a great learning experience. I have always said this whenever asked, that the first dotcom boom had some fantastic ideas, which were way ahead of their time. The lack of internet penetration in the country then and the premium attached to connectivity buried those ideas. Some of those ideas resurfaced later and succeeded.

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Sudhir Nair moves back to 21N78E

At Omnicom Media Group, Sudhir augmented its digital media capabilities and focused his energies on new business while supporting the specialist units within OMG to become a force to reckon with

After nearly 3 years at Omnicom Media Group, Sudhir Nair has decided to move back to 21N78E Creative Labs, the agency that he started in 2015 after a 15-year stint with Grey Group.

Sudhir joined Omnicom Media Group in April 2016 as the Managing Director, Digital. Simultaneously 21N78E Creative Labs got into an understanding with Omnicom Media Group to partner as a creative agency wherever synergies permitted. As part of the agreement, OMG also extended media support to 21N78E clients. In early 2018, Sudhir was given additional media agnostic responsibilities as the Managing Director of Omnicom Media Group.

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Motorola nudges people to pledge time for joy this Christmas

While phones have enormously enriched our lives, they have also encroached on them, motorola believes it’s all in the balance. As one spends more and more time staying engrossed in their phones, they miss out on spending time with people around them. This Christmas, in an attempt to urge people to maintain a healthy #phonelifebalance, motorola nudged users to go beyond material gifts and shower their loved ones with something they would truly value – the gift of time.

As a part of its festive campaign – #TimeForJoy, Motorola asked users to pledge 60 minutes and share their own #TimeForJoy moment. Participation was made possible through many forums as people were asked to Like, Retweet, Tweet or Comment with what they would like to pledge their 60 minutes to and how they would utilize this #TimeForJoy. For pledging their precious time, motorola sent a lucky few, gifts that would allow them to spend #TimeForJoy with their loved ones, basis their wished shared with us. This included assorted tea bags, board games, yoga mats, dinner & movie vouchers amongst others.

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